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Google's connection with NSA and CIA Most internet users using Google search and other free services, but are not aware of the security concerns. Google is closely linked to the NSA , the National Security Agency and CIA, the top intelligence agency in the US
So if the CIA or NSA does not approve of an online publisher his or her Google Adsense account will be disabled and the websites will not be indexed by or ranked in Google, despite being quality websites with the best content in the country in the niche. Currently Google enjoys excellent coverage in the mainstream media, but few are aware of its dark side. However the online publishers whose retirement savings and resume has been stolen by the top officials in the indian internet sector, for their mediocre inexperienced cheater girl friends and relatives, has been told by the competition commission of india that google may be involved in the theft of savings, instigating powerful officials to do so, so that the experienced webmaster can be easily blackmailed to give up her impressive resume for google sponsored call girls siddhi mandrekar, sunaina , brahmin cheaters and other well connected mediocre women. Already these mediocre lazy greedy women have got important government jobs allegedly in RAW/CBI stealing the impressive resume of the obc engineer and webmaster , and her correspondence has been diverted to these mediocre lazy greedy women, without a court order, making it difficult to earn a living. Fraud powerful officials also falsely claim that these cheater lazy greedy women are webmasters, domain investors when they do not spend a single penny online . They are threatening to deindex all the websites, however there are other options to make money online.
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