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SEO value of website
To destroy link sellers, google is not indexing new domains, probably using the information it has as a domain registrar. However the deindexed or non indexed domains have a substantial seo value which experienced link sellers can use to make some money. Now ad networks are realizing that google will not update page rank to destroy competition, especially link sellers, so they are using other parameters for accurately determining the seo value of a website
Google has invested a large amount of money and influence to identify the link sellers and ensure that they are monitored, their websites are deindexed, only to destroy competition. Google makes billions of dollars in profits from Google adwords and can afford to identify the link sellers and systematically deindex their websites, which are not problematic in other aspects. However the firms for other seo parameters, like moz and majestic are not as well funded as google, and so they do not hire ntro, nsa freelancing dofficials to identify the money making websites of link sellers and deindex them. The websites are evaluated using the same criteria as other websites and continue to have seo value.
As a result, link sales on text link websites for good seo value websites have zoomed, there is a great demand for the few websites with decent page rank and content. It also is a warning to those who force others to sell their high seo value websites, today this websites can be a good source of revenue, tomorrow the revenues will not cover the domain renewal costs when the page rank drops. So don't bully others to sell their website cheaply below market price, develop your own technology, it will be more cost effective in the long run.