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latest Google Page Rank information in March 2016.
Usually Google updates the Page Rank of websites once every three months. However, the last Page Rank update was on December 6, 2013. To destroy competition the link sellers, google has announced that it will no longer publish the page rank of the website publicly, though it will continue to be used for internal calculation purposes in March 2016
Google is known to be ruthless in destroying competition, and it showed the ruthless streak in the last few months. First in january, february 2016, many link sellers found their websites deindexed, usually blogs which were installed 8-9 years ago which had the highest seo value . then in march 2016, they also stopped indexing new domain names.Usually when domain names are deindexed, seos and link sellers will purchase new domains and restart the website, and wordpress blogs are usually preferred. With the new deindexing, many companies and seo firms are finding that they do not have indexed domains for their new websites. Only those who have a stock of domains for resale, can develop the domains slowly into websites till the new google indexing criteria is reverse engineered
Most link sellers have developed their own criteria for determining the seo value of a website, there is a great demand for the few websites with decent seo parameters and content. It also is a warning to those who force others to sell their high seo value websites, today this websites can be a good source of revenue, tomorrow the revenues will not cover the domain renewal costs when the seo value of the website drops. So don't bully others to sell their website, develop your own technology, it will be more cost effective in the long run.