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After the disastrous Google Page Rank update in December 2013, google has not bothered to update the PR for the last 3 years and officially announced in march 2016 that they would no longer update the PR as they want to destroy link sellers who are competitors for google adwords. As a parting gift to the link sellers, in January, February 2016, many link sellers found that their major blogs were deindexed, though these blogs had excellent Moz DA, majestic
However now that Google and google pr is not a major factor in the link selling game,seo firms have developed other criteria for determining the seo quality of a website and purchasing links on it like MOZ DA and Majestic Trust factor. Each firm has developed different criteria for determining the seo value and manipulating all these values will be difficult for google if they wish to destroy competition the harmless link sellers
For example earlier sponsored reviews was using the google page rank as the indication of the value of the website. However in April 2016, when checked it was found that they are using majestic backlinks as the criteria for determining quality of the website. So though a website is not indexed in google, it can be used for promoting the main website, improving the seo value of the website, so that a higher price can be charged for link and advertising sales. In August 2016, some domains were registered which were never indexed by google, however they are good for increasing the seo value of other websites