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Newly registered domains are not indexed by search engines. Some parking websites are also periodically deindexed by search engines
We park our domains with different parking companies periodically for testing.
A list of the non deindexed domain parking companies can be provided on payment of a nominal fee to cover website expenses. Indexing and deindexing of a domain name is a very complex formula which has to be tested extensively after investing a large amount in domain names. Domain names which are indexed are far easier to sell advertising on. However search engines cannot afford to deindex websites and domain names for long. Some domain names have been deindexed for 3-4 years and then indexed again, without any effort on the part of the domain investor.
On some forums it has been reported that Google has not been indexing certain kinds of domain names due to the change in the algorithm . After reverse engineering for some time, this problem should be solved. Some examples of deindexed domain names are and which were registered in March 2015 . These domain names had expired some time ago, and are currently deindexed as they have very few links from other websites. As part of the research into Google's deindexing criteria, various methods will be used to get indexed. Results will be documented. Update in May 2015. It appears that google will not index for 1 year till the website will be well developed. Another info domain with a large number of backlinks was also not indexed indicating that some criteria is being used for indexing or not indexing the domain name. Since manual penalties are being given for newly registered domain names in India wasting indian tax payer money, focussing on developing existing domain names which are indexed far more quickly.Diversifying registrars and hosting will prevent some problems of deindexing
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