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A disastrous Google Page Rank update in December 2013.
Usually Google updates the Page Rank of websites once every three months. However, this year the Page Rank was updated in February, after which there was no Page Rank update till December 6, 2013. For most Page Rank updates, the Page Rank remains constant or increases. However, in this case, many websites have lost their page rank completely. Link sellers, selling links based on Page Rank seem to have lost their PR the most.
As a result, link sales on text link websites for page rank websites have zoomed, there is a great demand for the few websites with decent page rank and content. It also is a warning to those who force others to sell their high PR websites, today this websites can be a good source of revenue, tomorrow the revenues will not cover the domain renewal costs when the page rank drops. So don't bully others to sell their website, develop your own technology, it will be more cost effective in the long run.