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CPM advertising.
Even if a website is deindexed in Google or loses Page Rank, it will still get visitors from backlinks as well as some some traffic from other search engines like Baidu or Yandex. This can be monetized by using CPM advertising, which pays the publisher for every visitor to the website. Though the advertising rates are low, the publisher earns some money, and this money can add up

Using a combination of networks which pay for CPM advertising, a publisher can earn some money as 3 to 4 ad networks can be displayed on a single page . The CPM rates are the highest for visitors from high income English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada, and the rates are lower for Asian countries like China. This page uses 2 advertising networks. Payment has been received from one ad network, cpx24.com, while minimum payout was not reached for deplayer.net. Deplayer.net specifies that the visitor should stay on the website for at least 5 seconds, if the impression is to be counted as a valid impression.

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